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355 Pleasant Street, Yarmouth - Yarmouth Town

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Property ID : 90220443 MLS®

For Sale, New Price! $850,000.00 - Bungalow
40.75 Acres 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms Print
Great opportunities don’t come everyday! Here is one to consider in the Town of Yarmouth. 40.75 in the North End + a 39 year old
bungalow with multiple out buildings. This unique property has not been lived in in approx. 14 years. Coming up the paved
driveway, you will fall in love with this setting. The house has had one owner, and features 2 main level bedrooms, full bath, spacious
oak kitchen with adjacent half bath and separate laundry room. There is generous living space here with a huge dining area and
living room, and connected sun room giving you beautiful views of the mature trees surrounding the house. The basement features a
half bath, rec room, and utility area. There is room for development here. There is also a large attached garage. The gem here is the
40 acres, mixed with treed and cut areas. Close to all amenities, NSCC, shopping, and much more! Ideas are endless here;
renovate the home and turn this into a possible equestrian dream property. Potentially develop this property in a dream community
with multiple living spaces (duplexes etc) and walking trails. With housing shortage a real issue in our country, the Town is willing to
look at possible development, pending all appropriate approvals. MLS® 202214916 is for sale by same sellers and adjoins this
property to Pleasant Street, as well ask MLS® 202214285. PID 90315326 is also available for sale at an additional price, and
connects this property to highway 101, and PID 90315300 is available separately which connects this property to Charles Crosby
drive/ behind Walmart. RARE FIND!


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