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45 Van Norden Road, Tusket - Tusket

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Property ID : 90087115

For Sale, New Price! $245,000.00 - 2 Storey
2.3 Acres 4 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 1 Garage Print

Everyone dreams of living the fairytale life but to make the dream come true you must have the house to match! Imagine coming home to historic 45 van Norden Road in Tusket at the end of your day!
This property was originally owned by William Van Norden and housed the very first Yarmouth to Tusket stagecoach business. The stagecoach was retired from service in the late 1800s and can be found today at the Yarmouth County Museum.
The property features serene landscaping with a pond that is home to both goldfish and koi, a paved driveway, large garage for all of your hobbies and projects, and a greenhouse where you can grow your own veggies! The home features 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, a cozy wood stove, and THREE heat pumps! Wow! The electrical system was upgraded in 2014, most of the windows are new vinyl clad windows, there’s municipal sewer, a drilled well, and the kitchen is well appointed with an abundance of counter space for the whole family.
45 van Norden Road is centrally located and adjacent to all amenities in the historic community of Tusket. This fairytale is waiting for you and is priced at $269,000. When a home has been cherished like this one has for generations, its shows. Call today to make yourself a part of history.


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